222 unique art pieces
1:1 handcrafted pieces, mix the engraving technique with digital art by Juliana Plexxo.
Launch in Art Basel Miami, December 2021
Available on OpenSea
Who are the outsiders?
NFT pieces inspired by the impressionist and expressionist art movement. Our art mix the best of the past with the technology of the future (Augmented Reality)
The project:
Fine art for real collectors. The outsiders will be formed by 5 collections, first collection (the genesis) it's created by Juliana Plexxo and next ones will be done in partnership with other artists. If you have a piece from the genesis collection you will be awarded in the following collections.
Launch in Art Basel Miami
We launched the project during Art Basel, in The Miami Art Week NFT, a major gallery at the SLS hotel featured by top digital creators such as Beeple and Smear balls.
The Genesis Collection consists on 222 1:1 NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Each NFT holder will get a phsycial engraving art pice made by Juliana Plexxo.
Launch at Miami Art Basel, December 2021:
The genesis collection was created to give our collectors their first unique handcrafted piece. We want our community to be around fine art and collectors, that is why we launched our project in Art Basel.
SOLD OUT Genesis collection
When the genesis collection is sold out we will send a REAL piece to the 222 collectors that have a genesis piece.
The work will be an original engraving made by Juliana Plexxo in the Joan Barbara workshop (the place where greats like Picasso, Dali, and Miro created their pieces). All the pieces that will be sent will be signed by the artist and authenticated with a certificate.
30% OF THE BENEFITS for art project incubator
After the Sold Out, we will allocate 30% to our project incubator to make the next collections
Our mission is to bring out 4 more fine art collections.
Each collection will be on collaboration with Juliana Plexxo and an internationally renowned artist and will be made entirely by hand as unique collectible pieces. At the end of collection sold-out, the real pieces will be sent to our collectors.
We want our collectors to expose their pieces on the museum and members of our community to have access and be able to meet other collectors.
The outsiders museum will be in the metaverse, will be a community for art collectors and digital artists who dedicate themselves to making fine art.
Benefits for holders
Real piece to holders after sould out
Collection available now:
GENESIS COLLECTION 222 PIECES = 222 HOLDERS= 222 REAL ENGRAVINGS BY JULIANA PLEXXO for our collectors around the world.
Fine NFT art just for REAL collectors
All NFT pieces that belong to The Outsiders will be handmade and will be unique among them 1:1.
Metaverse museum exhibition
We always want to reward our collectors, that is why holders who have the 5 pieces of the 5 collections will be able to exhibit them in The Outsiders museum in the metaverse and we will take care of giving them the credit and putting their names in the permanent exhibition
Our partners
- When is the launch?
The launch will start on the 4th of December. It will be divided in two drops of 100 NFTs each, the second drop will be on the 5th of December.
The total supply of the Genesis collection will be 222 NFTs, 22 of them will be reserved for the team and partners.
Each Outsider of the Genesis collection will have an initial price of 0.33 ETH.
No, we will mint all the Genesis collection and upload on Opensea. So public sale, will be directly from Opensea.
No, public sale will be available from Opensea to all the members of our community. But there will be cool surprises for the attendes of the event.
Meet our team
As an art based project, our main team member is the artist. Overall, we are a team of enterpreneurs pretty well balanced, experienced and with track of record in the crypto and NFT space
Juliana Plexxo
The artist
Product Manager
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