222 unique art pieces
1:1 handcrafted pieces, mix the engraving technique with digital art by Juliana Plexxo.
For each NFT you also get a REAL ART piece.
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artist juliana plexxo image
artist juliana plexxo image
Juliana Plexxo (Colombia, 1994)
artist juliana plexxo
Is a contemporary Colombian plastic and visual artist. She painted from her first years of life, her life has been tinged with tragic episodes, she lived the violence of the 90's in her country very closely to the point of losing her father, and that is when she decides to express her emotions through her drawings and paintings.
Her work includes elements of abstract cubism, Juliana is the only Latin woman who creates her works in Joan Barbará's workshop, where icons such as Picasso, Dalí and Joan Miró also did.
She currently has pieces exhibited at the La Capilla del Hombre Art Museum in Ecuador, her works of art are beginning to mark the passage of history as the young artist mixes the artistic technique of the past with the digital age.
Juliana Plexxo's works are a mix between the past and the future, engraving is her technique par excellence and thanks to this she manages to give her pieces memories and traits of the 20th century.
But, Plexxo not only explores the past, it takes a long time innovating her creations, now her works also have touches of the present with Augmented Reality and the digital design she makes on top of them.
artist juliana plexxo
The Studio
artist juliana plexxo
Her work, which today is carried out in the Joan Barbará workshop in Barcelona, a workshop in which artists such as Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró and Antoni Tapies, among others, worked decades ago. Juliana's work is in constant movement and evolution, her daily artistic work does not represent a monotonous journey, but a free one where the compositions find balance and coherence and are constantly nourished by new technologies such as virtual reality.
Juliana has learned from the greats and this makes her work have the polarity of the analog with the digital.
Artist collaborations
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Who are the outsiders?
222 NFT pieces inspired by the impressionist and expressionist art movement. Our art mix the best of the past with the technology of the future (Augmented Reality)
Available on OpenSea
Benefits for holders
Real piece to holders
For each NFT purchased you also get a real (physical) art piece*
1 NFT (0.33 ETH, 0.5 ETH, 0.66 ETH) = 1 REAL engraving art pice
Unique real art engraving piece, with the certificate of the studio appraised at 3K$.
1 NFT discount price (0.15 ETH, 0.25 ETH, 0.33ETH) = Signed print of the NFT
For each discounted NFT purchase on a primary sell you will get an original 1/1 signed print of your NFT by Juliana Plexxo. Each signed print is appraised at 500$.
*This only applies to primary sells, NFTs purchased from TheOutsiders Opensea account.
Fine art just for REAL collectors
All NFT pieces that belong to The Outsiders will be handmade and will be unique among them 1:1.
Access Juliana Plexxo exclusive events
Holding the NFT will provide you access to Juliana Plexxo's art exhibitions worldwide.
- What is the total supply?
The total supply of the Genesis collection will be 222 NFTs, 28 of them will be reserved for the team and partners.
Original price: 0.33 ETH (Standard), 0.5 ETH (Signed and flipped), 0.66 ETH (Augmented Reality). Discounted Price: 0.15 ETH (Standard), 0.25 ETH (Signed and flipped), 0.33 ETH (Augmented Reality)
On our Discord channel you will be able to claim your real art piece, once you prove you own an Outsider NFT. Once you claim it we will try to send it as soon as posible. NFTs purchased at the orignal price include a real art piece and NFTs purchased at discounted price inclued a singed print of the NFT. This only applies to primary sells.
No, we will mint all the Genesis collection and upload it on Opensea. So public sale, will be directly from Opensea.
On the Ethereum Blockchain
No, this is a curated art project for art lovers who want to get an art piece from Juliana Plexxo without dealing with galleries, for each NFT purchased you also get a real art piece. This is not a community project with an extended roadmap or long term vision.
Meet our team
As an art based project, our main team member is the artist. Overall, we are a team of enterpreneurs pretty well balanced, experienced and with track of record in the Web3 space
Juliana Plexxo
The artist
Product Manager
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